I am seeing more and more people lately mistake hard training for heavy training and in actual fact by loading far too much weight onto the machine or bar, they are actually underachieving.

Bodybuilding is all about making the muscle grow by creating a large stimulus. The load placed on the muscle is fairly insignificant in comparison to many other factors. The greatest stimulus is achieved by taking the muscle through full range of motion (a fully stretched to fully contracted position). If you are not able to take the muscle through maximal ROM then you are attempting to move too great a load - FACT! It will feel hard but the results vs reward are pretty damn poor. You will be hammering your CNS, your joints and risking muscle tears without getting close to fully exhausting the muscle fibres.

My advice would be to take the weight right back until you are able to perform perfect reps with control through both the eccentric and concentric phase of the exercise. Now take this to failure by performing as many reps as you can without losing control or range of motion. This is when you will truly be training hard.

Do not let your ego prevent you from progressing optimally. You may think it looks good for social media but you actually look a bit of a wolly and you are certainly not training to your full potential.

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