Updated: Jan 17, 2020


After check in last Sunday Big Si and I agreed now was a good time to take a deload. I had only been on my current blast phase 4 weeks but at the same time I have been trying to get our new business ready for open, so there has been a lot of stress, fewer hours sleeping and long days working which has added to things.

My deload plan is pretty concrete and has worked really well for me in the past. I will take 2 weeks in total and during those 2 weeks train just 3 times. So frequency is greatly reduced as is volume as I hit just 1 work set per exercise but the intensity is still at the max, so those sets are all out.

This is the set up of the plan:

Mon - Rest

Tue - Rest

Wed - Train

Thu - Rest

Fri - Rest

Sat - Train

Sun - Rest

Mon - Rest

Tue - Train

Wed to Sun - Rest

During this time I will do full body sessions with just a single exercise and set for each muscle group. Cardio is still in as normal on 5 days at 20 minutes per session.

Feedback at weekend was good from my coach as he can see some improvements to composition. There have been no changes to the plan but I’m obviously following my non-training diet a lot more which is roughly 1k calories fewer per day.

This has been timed perfectly as I am able to spend more time working on getting Clean Eats open. My body is getting a much needed rest and my overall stress is much lower.

Looking forward to training today!

I will post the session up later.

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