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I am on day 7 of my first week and on the whole it has gone really well. I have enjoyed the meals in my diet and the simplicity of it has made prepping them extremely effortless. There is a variation in calories from training day and non-training day but even with reduced food on non-training day, I didn't have any issues with hunger.

Training has been very good in terms of progression and I feel much fuller and tighter this week than in previous ones. I am nearing the end of my latest blast phase of training and I am starting to get a little beat up. It has not helped at all that this has coincided with me getting fewer hours sleep due to working late and as a result going to bed later. My sleep quality has been pretty good though, there has just not been enough. I have checked in with Big Si and suggested that I deload a week early as I am ploughing myself into the ground. I wake up hurting everywhere and my general mood is low too. The signs of poor recovery are certainly there.

My pics will appear a little poorer this week as I have to take them fasted in the morning and there light in the gym is low and I previously took them PWO with a full upper body pump. Of course I look at them and feel tiny but I would rather check in with my coach looking my worst than my best. I am looking forward to seeing what the plan is for next week as I am now eager to start chipping away at my chub.

I am due an off plan meal as my final meal tonight but I haven't decided what I will have. I have not struggled with hunger at all and as such not really craved anything. I have a lot of sugars PWO and I do not have a sweet tooth, so I am not fussed about things like cake, sweets or chocolate. I will more than likely just get an oven pizza from the super market. Having the off plan meal last thing is a good set up as I will have a lower appetite at that time due to my other meals going in.

Here are my check in pics this week...

As I mentioned the quality is poor as it was low lighting and I screen shot a video to get the pics. This way I can go thorough transitions rather than just hit the quarters and compulsories. I am far from happy with the way I look as I am not used to seeing myself without a pump. I just look tiny but this has to be the way and I will start to look better as I drop fat off.

Weight this morning is 231lb

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