Another week and another 5lb added 😬🙈

Well 4.8lb to be precise. I’m human like everybody else and I hold my hands up I cheated on my diet this week. Wednesday night I was particularly low with everything that was going on. I’d been bombarded with bad news since the gym shut and by the end of the day I was just fed up. I ate my final meal which was a bowl of Sugar Puffs with whey and it was a trigger for another 2/3 big bowls of cereal.

My weight went up by 9lb the following day but I was straight back on plan and have managed to drop back to around 10lb over what I was before finding my comp was cancelled.

I’m not too displeased with my current shape or condition. These pics are first thing, fasted, unpumped but after I’ve trained I look very big and full.

I’ve been completely upfront with my coach (as you always should be) and await any changes to the plan he may have. I have expressed my feelings that I feel like I’m in limbo right now with no clear goal. Not on much food to fuel growth but not dieting down. I suppose it’s just another mental challenge added to the current stresses I’m under.

I think as the weeks go by I’ll adapt to my current situation and provided I don’t have a max exodus of members, the stress will subside as it’ll just be a case of waiting until we can open again. Most of the preparation work has been done now.

I’m training very well and feeling extremely good and strong but this is the only time of day I really feel happy.

Onto another week where I will look to refine what I have. The size and shape are there, I just need to find a balance so I don’t need to binge and can remain in touching distance of prep.

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