This is where I’m currently at. After the news on Wednesday that all of my shows are postponed/ cancelled I had a night off from the diet but jumped straight back on plan Thursday & Friday. These pics were taken fasted on Saturday morning after cardio (no pump).

I had a complete day off plan yesterday whilst I awaited my new plans from my coach. I didn’t eat junk though. Had a low fat full English at Clean Eats and a skinny latte for breakfast. A few protein bars and a protein smoothie later on in the afternoon and then a couple more protein bars with a big bowl of cereal in the afternoon. I had my usual go to for an off plan meal in the evening... pizza, ice cream and chocs 😋. I look a bit of a fatty this morning but I’ll be back on plan now with cardio still high for this week at least. Food has been adjusted so I’m eating more day to day with slightly less on non-training days. I also have a single off plan meal each week to help keep me sane 🤣.

I will be able to keep up with my training with no interruption as I have my own gym. Won’t be the same training with nobody else there but I’m happy I can still progress. Before you all say how lucky I am, you want to try owning a gym in this current situation we’re in. I assure you, I do not feel lucky but I am making the best out of a bad situation.

So the plan is to improve performance in training which will potentially lead to some new muscle but things will be kept tight so I’m not starting a 16 week prep again.

All meds will be dropping out over the next few weeks to focus on health as we have more support from food now.

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