I have made it to the half way point to my first competition of the season but with a lot of uncertainty regarding the shows taking place at all due to the Coronavirus, it’s nothing to get too excited about.

I see a lot of people are already dropping out of prep as they feel it’s a given the shows will be called off but my current stance is that I’d rather remain optimistic and I’d also be more gutted if I pulled out and it took place than if I saw prep through and it didn’t. It’s only 8 more weeks after all and let’s face it, we will know long before then. I personally feel there are far greater things to be worrying about.

Anyway, enough of that talk and back to the actual subject...

It’s check in day and whilst I still await my main feedback, I know Si is happy with this weeks progress and for once I am too. It’s been a really tough few weeks for me as I beat myself into the ground, to then face the stress of moving house but a few weeks of training at a more appropriate frequency have resulted in me feeling a lot better. Sure it’s still hard and I’ve worked particularly hard this prep with everything else going on but because my body hasn’t had the onslaught it had for a few weeks, I think things are falling into place.

I had my biggest weight drop by far and I also feel that the visible progress in my pics is far more obvious. I will be really interested what the boss man has in store for me next week as we still have a lot of cards to play yet.

My diet is getting tougher now. I have differing amounts of carbs / calories depending on what I’m training. Last Sunday I had a mini carb refeed to set me up for this week. It wasn’t massive but helped keep me ticking along. I am averaging just shy of 2,800 / day across the week.

My fasted weight this morning was 218.4lb and the pics are from the same time.

I think this is the point where progress will be accelerated. I’ve been waiting for this point for weeks as I move out of the skinny fat stage. Hopefully I can feel as positive as I do this week again next week.

Tired but happy 😊

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