I usually write my blog update after my check in and reflect on my progress but this week things have been very different and I’m not sure if there will be much progress made.

In my last update I mentioned that I was struggling with recovery and that the plan was to slot in another rest day. I got to the end of weekend and I was in a really bad way. Absolutely smashed up and on Monday morning I was in pain, had no energy and generally felt shit. I spoke to Si to let him know what was going on and he immediately told me if overreached and that my recovery was just nowhere near where it needed to be for the way I trained. I was instructed to take 3 rest days from weights but to keep to my training day cals. Cardio is now higher on rest days, so I would still do that.

The first two days were pretty rough. I was constantly fighting the urge to feed. Not through hunger or craving but as if my body needed energy and that’s the quickest way I could get it. On Tuesday, I had to resist really hard as I was very close to cracking. Fortunately that was the worst of it and I gradually improved through Wednesday. I have kept myself busy during the day fitting out my new office at the gym, so I’ve not been sedentary and perhaps at times I’ve overdone it as I’m also dismantling furniture at home in the evening as we’re moving house today. All in all it’s been a stressful week and I’ve not had much strength to deal with it. I’m extremely glad I spoke to my coach on Monday as I would be in a tight mess now if I hadn’t rested.

Yesterday I trained legs but I went extremely light weight. I didn’t want to wear my knee sleeves as they were causing issues being too tight on my calves and I didn’t want to overload my CNS after just about recovering. I trained with my daughter with the same weight she uses but I replied 50 reps per set. It did the trick as I was struggling to walk afterwards with insane pumps and my legs have DOMS today as I do my cardio.

I’ve tried not to look at myself in the mirror this week as I know it’ll be a head fuck. I don’t feel I’m up to scratch and I’m falling behind. There’s loads of cards left to play yet but I doubt there will be any progress this week which will be disheartening despite having time off from training.

I suppose you need to look at the bigger picture though and if I hadn’t have taken this step back I’d probably not have made it through prep. Next week the house move will be complete and we will be much more settled and I’ll be able to focus without the added stress.

I will update here even if briefly after my check in on Saturday.

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