It’s that shitty point in prep when I simply hate what I see in the mirror. Losing size but not yet looking lean so we call it skinny fat. It makes the process testing as you do question is it worth the effort as you’re not seeing positive changes but knowing the process well, I just keep my head down and make sure I’m ticking all the boxes.

It’s check in day today and my second one since I last updated here. I dropped 1.2lb last week and a further 1lb this week, so I’m gently making progress.

The diet isn’t difficult yet in terms of hunger or cravings but my sleep and recovery haven’t been great this week. My training is and has always been all or nothing and I’m absolutely smashing it with big lifts and progression each session but yesterday I hit the wall on leg day. My quads literally felt like they were going to tear. Almost like the depleted dehydrated feeling you get in peak weak. It’s time that I slotted in an additional rest day. My split will now be push, pull, rest, legs, rest and repeat. Having that additional day of rest before legs should be enough for now. Today is a rest day, so the cycle will start from tomorrow.

I’m still in good spirits despite not being at a great stage in prep. I’m still in a far better position than last time and have so many more tools left in the box. Cardio is modest, food is still pretty high and we haven’t really added much support from fat burners yet.

Feedback from my coach was really good this week and has spurred me on. The adjustment to my plans see food pulled back a little more and an increase to cardio on rest days. The changes are subtle and I look forward to them as it takes me one step closer to my goal.

I think the next 3 weeks will be big weeks for me where the big changes start to take place. I’ll be 8 weeks out then and starting to see how I’m shaping up.

As I get deeper into prep, I’ll update here more often as there’s more going on. At the moment it’s just a day at a time ticking off those boxes.

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