I haven’t updated my blog for a while but I’m still grinding away.

check in went well again but no pics as I met up with Si and went through my posing instead this week gone.

weight hasn’t moved much with just 0.8lb off and my waist remains the same. I have dropped a little more from my navel measurement though.

Things have been turned up a notch this week with a little more food shaved off and cardio intensity increased. I added in Thermo 9mm fat burners this week too which give me a great boost for my cardio.

Training is still going well and although I am hating my pull sessions at the moment, I am still moving decent weight. Leg progress is awesome at the moment and I’m really enjoying the sessions.

I’m keeping active and busy which makes the whole process very easy. Apart from the regimentation of diet, I don’t really feel like I’m in prep. Not drained, not really hungry and still in good spirits. Hats off to Big Si.

I would like to see some visible progress this weekend but I’m headed into the skinny fat stage of prep, so I’m well aware things are going to look worse before they look better. We have plenty of tricks left in the bag yet though.

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