14 weeks out yesterday and things are stepping up a notch now. I was informed that last night would be my last off plan meal.

I had another good week last week as I got back into training following the deload. I smashed the sessions but had a pretty shitty week of sleep, so I was battered by the weekend. My back was pretty bad and general mobility as a result, so I need to address my training set up as my posterior focus leg session is the cause. When my glutes are tight, my back hurts.

My workout is currently upper, lower, upper, rest, lower, upper. I feel the frequency of my lower training is too high or I need more rest between. I tweaked my training set up so that I now do push, pull, legs, rest, repeat. This will actually result in more training over the course of a year but I can drop additional rest days in as and when necessary. It will mean I always have 3 days between each muscle group being hit. The lower sessions are identical but the upper sessions are different. I’ll post my training each day over the next 8 days to show my set up.

I have gained 5lb back this week which I fully expected to. I’m feeling much fuller and condition continues to improve. It will all be down from here though and I still expect to be around 200lb on stage, maybe lower.

I’m going to ensure my sleep improves this week as it was piss poor last week and had a negative affect on my mood. It’s bad enough getting up to do cardio at the moment with the weather being so shit. In a few weeks I’ll be doing it outdoor as I’ll be moving away from the gym, so I hope it improves.

Apart from sleep, everything is still good. I’ve had a few more bits trimmed from the diet but it’s only a few grams here and there and I’ll hardly notice it. I’d say my food is still high when compared with previous preps. This is largely down to a successful offseason. Being consistent with my diet and pushing food up really high has allowed me to remain fairly lean on high food. I took my food up beyond 5,000 calories clean at my peak and only then topped up with junk / calorie dense food. Simply cutting that out has seen me come in fairly well, dropping a stone before we hit prep. I don’t miss it either as it became a slog getting 7,000 calories in each day.

I’ve got a busy week ahead now planning all marketing for the gym. It’s taken a back step due to Clean Eats but now that’s up and running, I’m able to focus on getting something in place. I’ll likely need to outsource to keep consistency, so I have a few meetings lined up.

Current progress pics below. Posing was terrible this week but stats show I’m certainly on the right track.

  • Weight up 5lb

  • Waist no change 

  • Across navel down 1.5cm

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