I am only 2 days back training and already loving it! After needing a break because my body was broken I have already set about trying to absolutely smash it. Pull focused upper on Monday and last night hit legs. I went into both sessions with real intent and hit some really good numbers. Last night was especially grim as we didn’t look to consolidate but to progress on everything. I got an all time PB on RDL’s and whilst I could have used a little more ROM, it was still a decent 6 reps at 210kg. Pendulum squats won’t progress at the moment with 6 plates almost burying me on the 8th rep. Leg press is nice and steady with more weight & reps on both sets.

I’m feeling a bit groggy this morning as the late training forced a late night and Codie has woken me up just after 5am the past few mornings as she got up for work and I’m just not getting back to sleep. I’ll need to address this some how as I’ve just got my sleep at its best ever and I don’t want to compromise recovery.

Very busy with work at the moment with changes at the gym and Clean Eats opening. I’ve got more to do in the background at the gym now with Codie running the food, so it’ll help keep me busy throughout prep but I’ll need to sort myself out and be very organised.

We hit push focused upper today and then I have my weekly sports massage, so I’ll probably take it a bit easier.

will report back in a few days.

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