Today is my first day back after taking a much needed 2 week deload. I am fired up and ready to go.

I had another good check in with my weight down by another 5lb. It means I’ve dropped almost 10.5lb in a couple of weeks but I would be surprised if I don’t put a few pounds back on when I’m back training hard again. My waist and navel measurements are both down too so I’m certainly moving in the right direction and up to now there’s been no reduction in food.

I had my weekly off plan meal last night. I shared a large Dominos with Yasmine and then had one of the Clean Eats prep meals that I wanted to taste test. Hot & Spicy Prawns was really good but certainly had a kick. We will be opening Clean Eats tomorrow, so if you’re into spicy food, give that one a try.

Today is the first day I feel like I’m really in prep. Cardio has been nudged up to 30 minutes and I’ve also upped the intensity of it a little as it was too easy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still only walking on the treadmill but I’ve put a few extra % on the incline. I’m still able to write this as I go.

Food is also down by a little. I doubt I’ll notice it though as it was pretty high and I’m still hovering around 4k cals on training days.

Weight was 220.6lb yesterday morning and my latest check in pics are below. I’m still holding most of my fat on my back but quads are showing better separation.

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