I have been pretty quiet on here the last few days as there hasn’t been much to report with me being on my deload and I have been mad busy working on the new business which is set to open next Tuesday.

Everything is going well at the moment and the down time is certainly helping me recover both physically and mentally. It has also given me the time I needed to get things done that were playing on my mind. I am so excited about opening Clean Eats and I am feeling really positive.

I dropped 5.4lb last week but I do look and feel tighter (not 5.4lb tighter though). Big Si gave me some great feedback upon check in and he’s really pleased at where we are at this point. May even grow into this show he says 💪🏼

I had my final deload session on Tuesday night and it’ll be 5 days until I return with all guns blazing. This is the beauty of this deload protocol. Not only are you well rested and recovered but you’re also hungry for it again.

I have hit some nice PB’s in all of my deload sessions, which shows a lot of promise for me in my next blast phase.

Cardio is still in at 20 minutes x 5 days and food hasn’t changed at all, so I am still on roughly 1,000 more cals on training days. This is a big factor in such a large reduction in weight this week as I’ve been predominantly following non-training diet.

Not much else to report at the moment. I’ll update again next check in if not before.

Pics taken fasted / untrained on Sunday morning as usual.

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