This week has flown by. With the opening of our new health bar coming up I’ve not stopped. My steps target this week is 12k per day but I’ve managed to hit it before adding in my cardio on some days. 

I’m feeling pretty good, it doesn’t really feel like I’m in prep yet which is great as I have another 16 weeks to go! 

I’ve been thinking about my bikini for this this year but haven’t fully decided on colour yet. I’m hoping to do 3 comps in May so I’d like to maybe have 2 different ones but it will depend on the cost as they’re so expensive. 

I need to practise my posing, I always put it off and wish I’d done more so I need to dedicate some time to it. Going to put a reminder in my phone right now! 

Training has been good this week, it helps so much when you train with other likeminded people. I’m lucky to have a bunch of awesome girls around me to train with, there’s at least 6 of us all competing this year from Tuff Training, the other 5 are all my clients so it’s going to be an amazing year for me as a coach too. 

It’s not until I’ve started writing these posts that I realise how far I’ve come over the last couple of years. I’m really excited to see what 2020 brings 💪🏼

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