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Updated: Jan 9, 2020


My first day of pre-prep has gone really well. I started the day with 20 minutes LISS cardio and then did 15 minutes stretching before having my first meal. Training was pushed back to 6pm tonight as Dom has uni on a Monday and training is aways much better when we train together rather than alone (even if he does dick around posing every 5 minutes).

So I started my new diet plan that Big Si created for me and I really enjoyed it. Very simple to prepare - I spent an hour last night and cooked every meal for the next 7 days. All of the meals were enjoyable and there is still plenty of food (for now). I would like to think I will make some noticeable improvements this week but this stage is more a primer for prep, so I am not expecting to drop much off if any at all.

We have added in a few more health supplements and these have made a noticeable improvement to digestion.

Training was really good tonight as I made improvements on 11 sets throughout the session. This may be a little more weight or simply a rep or two more but progression is progression. What I am focusing on at the moment, especially with pulling movements is that my form doesn't get sloppy. I am therefore only increasing load when I hit top of the rep range and am satisfied with the quality of the reps.

Here is how the session went...


Seated Leverage Row 2 sets

Leverage Low Row 2 sets

Incline Tonk Row 2 sets

Close Grip Underhand Pulldown 2 sets

T-Grip Tricep Press 2 sets

Unilateral Cable Pushdown 2 sets

Unilateral Cable Extension 2 sets

Seated DB Lateral Raise 3 sets

Single Arm Lateral Raise 1 set

Overhead Cable Curl 3 sets

All in all I am really happy with the whole set up and my coach has been awesome with replies to any queries in minutes.

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