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Updated: Jan 9, 2020


I am going to keep a log of my 2020 comp prep here and update it as regularly as possible.

My offseason has been fairly productive but now I am handing over to Big Si Drake who will be prepping me for all of my comps in 2020.

We are looking to bring much better condition than I have ever had before. Although I am holding a fair amount of fat, I do feel I have improved my shape and balance from 2018 and am at a great starting point.

My initial aim is to qualify for the IBFA finals and have another crack at class 2 after a disappointing outing last time. I would also like to do NABBA for the first time, so this will mean getting ready a little sooner.

I have already received my diet plan which I will start on Monday 6th Jan after I return from my break with the family.

My current weight is 229.2lbs and these are my most recent progress pics taken this Saturday gone.

I am really looking forward to working with Si and getting started with his plans. My mindset is really good and I am determined to be my best by a long way.

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