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Sports massage has many benefits for any sports athlete or gym goer. Regular sports massage help to combat poor flexibility / range of motion and improve the ability for the muscle to grow by stretching the fascia. If your muscles are tight, you will be unable to recruit the muscles as well during exercise which can lead to under stimulation (poor muscle growth and efficiency) and increased chance of injury and pain. The recovery process after training requires nutrients to pass into the muscle for repair. Massage can speed up the process by increasing the muscle tissues permeability and thus improving circulation. This leads to a greater influx of nutrients and the removal of waste products such as lactic acid which impairs muscle contraction. By improving the circulation within the muscle, you will improve the muscle tone / appearance of the muscle. Damaged or tight muscles do not hold blood well and diminish your muscle tone. This will lead to a better proportioned and symmetrical physique and even help gain greater muscle mass. You can treat or prevent injuries while bodybuilding by getting a regular sports massage. A skilled sports therapist will be able to identify and treat muscle tightness as well as trigger points and scar tissue that increase the risk of injury. Finally there are psychological benefits to having a massage. They help alleviate stress that can accumulate as a result of regular training. This is particularly important pre contest if you’re a competitive bodybuilder. Having a massage pre contest will improve your performance by enhancing your mental state. By relieving any tightness and stress in the muscles, you will be able to present your physique much better. Check out Athena's Instagram page @athenamassagetherapy and send her a DM to get booked in.

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