Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Your mentality surrounding your training is crucial. Not having the right mental attitude towards your training will directly affect the results you reap. One of the best things i have found is to have a checklist or a system in place to ensure the stability of your mental state surrounding your training.

A typical routine for me with my clients is to shout, 'check yourself, lock in' before they start their working sets, to mentally switch themselves onto the task in hand and to ensure they are completely focussed. It is amazing the increase in performance which occurs when you have a completely focussed mentality on the task in hand, which not every time means an increase in weight or reps, sometimes even the opposite result. Yet an increase on the muscular contraction leading to the increased breakdown of the muscle fibres is nearly achieved every time, a focus on near perfect form and optimised energy output.

By ensuring a standardised mental approach is achieved with each training session, one can eliminate some external influences and optimise training.

Nearly everyone can come into the gym and have a gym session, yet there are many who will not be achieving nowhere near their potential or maximised output, either giving out mid set or not pushing for that one extra rep because they are not dedicated enough. Yet this attitude will not get you anywhere, and you certainly do not have to be Arnold to have this mentality. Everyone can have the mentality of a champion, everyone can push themselves that little bit further, to get that one extra rep, or squeeze their muscle that little bit more. To push through the pain barrier.

Another mental problem that is commonly faced in the gym is not believing in yourself. Everyone can relate when their training partner has put some more weight on the bar and because you have believed you cannot do it you have failed the lift. As Kai Greene says 'thoughts become things'. If you believe you can do it, your thoughts will manifest themselves as a series positive outcomes. Much as everyone has had the series of failure due to not believing they can do it, there is also that time everyone has where they lift way more than they thought they could, the days where you feel superhuman in the gym. Now by having the set mental approach, having your checklist, taking those extra 5 minutes to focus your mind onto the task in hand, then your performance in the gym will improve. Your results will show and you will be a better athlete for it.

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