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Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I wish I looked like that...

How many times have you said that to yourself whilst browsing social media?

I have also been sucked in by the false image that social media can portray. Wondering why I can’t maintain the look in this image all the time. Is it even possible?

To a degree it is possible but the reality is that very few people look like this all year round and it is simply a case of picking the right picture and posting it at the right time. I don’t look like this now as it was almost 8 weeks ago - a few days after I competed but unless you are around me when I’m naked, you wouldn’t know any better.

There are various reasons people do this from marketing to their own insecurities. The problem with this is that it breeds insecurity. You think it is real and find yourself in a constant battle with yourself where you try to attain the body you want but want to enjoy a lifestyle that makes it impossible.

The truth is that in order to look this way you need to restrict yourself from many things that you enjoy and this has a knock on effect on those close to you. Nights out, meals, family outings all become difficult.

For the last few weeks I have been stuck in this battle. After many months of restriction to achieve the physique I wanted, I have relaxed my diet, enjoyed eating out with my fiancée, taken my children out for lunch, and socialised with friends with the odd alcoholic drink. This has been of detriment to my physique but very positive for my mindset. However, whilst I have enjoyed all of this and my family are much happier, at the same time I have loathed the way I look.

There has to be some balance! It is important to be happy with how you look but you should not base this on what others look like and what social media portrays. You can have abs all year round but you’re either going to rely heavily on drugs such as diuretics, anti oestrogen’s, anabolics & fat burners which will seriously put your long term health at risk or restrict your lifestyle severely. The problem you have following social media is that it is very fake. Those that appear to look ripped all year probably don’t and those that are ripped all year round that appear to do all the things you enjoy doing probably don’t.

You and only you can decide what to do with your life but as the saying goes - you can't have your cake and eat it too.

You can of course find balance...

  • Train hard in the gym.

  • Be active in your spare time.

  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

  • Enjoy a drink or night out now and again.

  • Eat the odd treat alongside your healthy diet.

  • Join in with your kids when you take them for ice cream.

You won’t look like you’ve stepped off stage in a bodybuilding competition but you’ll look fit and healthy but more importantly, you’ll be happy and fun to be around.

Step away from social media, stop chasing likes and realise that the real people around you that see the real you are the ones that matter.

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