Oct 24, 2018

4 days out

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On 26th May I competed in Cumbria I placed 1st in my category Athletic class, I then went onto win the overall ladies. This gained me a place in the British finals on June 10th where I placed 2nd for which I then qualified for the world championships in Rome.


I started prepping for this 16 weeks ago, after the Brits I had a couple of cheat meals but the aim was to not gain as much fat and to stay lean as I could so that i could cruise into this prep ready for the worlds. Calories went up and training was kept to a high intensity over 4 days which allowed 3 days to rest, grow and recover. Calories then went down but still training to max intensity. Strength remained the same throughout with still managing to achieve PB's.


At 12 weeks out I weighed in at 58.7kg


Training Day 2105

Non Training Day 1590


At 4 weeks out I weighed in at 52.7kg


Training Day 1340

Non Training Day 1120


This prep has been by far the best one we have done my coach Dan Tough didn't change much this time as the method that he has used I have responded well too, much better to previous ones that we have tried. I am in the best condition i ever been in both mentally and physically. This is not the type of sport to go into half hearted its either all or nothing.


I'm feeling quite positive and in a good place right now having the right mind set certainly helps along with support. I have met someone who i'm very happy with who also competes which does help as they understand what your going through as it is vital that you surround yourself with like minded people.


All the hard work is almost done now, all i can do is my best and bring to stage what I have worked so hard for. I will try and update while I am in Rome but for now I need to focus on the next few days which is the most important week...............

3 days ago

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  • Journal moved here from MuscleTalk, which closed yesterday. Brief recap; started training in October 2016 aged 40. Trained in my early 20s but not with correct dedication to diet. Took on Dan as my coach in November 2018 with a view to doing the PCA First Timers Over 40 on March 31 2019, having made swift progress in two years. Won the PCA Over 40s, got the bug, so did the IBFA Mr Liverpool Over 40 on May 11. Won that too. Then did Athletic Tall at IBFA West Midlands the following week, placing third. Next Sunday I do the Masters Over 40 Mr Britain in Newcastle, though right now I am broken physically and mentally and need a break to reset. Peak week plans just landed, which start Monday. Here are a few of my favourite pics: [img]https://i.imgur.com/AgT72cK.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/bwDOHSD.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/QH6Dr67.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/cIZkwvB.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/hVEYwv8.jpg[/img]
  • So the picture on the right is me only a few days ago and the picture on the left is about 3 months ago just after the IBFA British Finals. Although I’m not what most people would call fat I feel huge in comparison and have gained a considerable amount of body fat. After coming out of my comp I decided to have a diet break and then I’ve been eating intuitively so basically eating when I’m hungry, sticking to lower calories during the week and then eating what I want at weekends (obviously massively overeating) which has got me to where I am now. I’m not comfortable with the extra body fat I’m carrying and I’ve had to admit I’ve failed to stay lean and I can’t stay disciplined when there’s no goal in place so today I am starting a 9 week cut. This means I’m back on a set diet plan 6 days a week and I’ll allow myself one cheat meal at the weekend. Now most people would think eating the same thing at the same time everyday would be boring but ask yourself this... If you could have 5-6 tasty (and not at all boring) meals a day that never saw you go hungry, that are easy to prepare in advance so you don’t have to decide what to eat (or what takeaway to order) and you knew for a fact you’d lose body fat week on week, would you do it? I’m also going to start doing 20 mins of steady state cardio (walking on a treadmill) 5 times a week which will burn even more calories. I train 4 times a week but with the right diet it’s not necessary if you just want to lose fat although you wouldn’t be able to consume as many calories. I train hard because I want to build muscle in certain areas and want to look ‘toned’. I’ll continue to train the same way so keep an eye for some videos on my workouts. I’m giving myself 9 weeks which takes me to my birthday so let’s see what the next few weeks brings 💪🏼